Cotton Tale Designs

Welcome to Cotton Tale Designs!

We are honored to be included in one of the most precious and breath-taking times of your life: creating your baby’s nursery. Here at Cotton Tale Designs, we know designing your baby’s nursery is no small affair. We know a nursery is far more than just a place to change your baby’s diapers and put them to sleep. It is a place for you and your baby to share unforgettable moments, to develop a bond and a love that is unlike any other.

Only you can determine what you will need to create this intimate place for you and your baby to grow, bond together, and bring comfort to each other. For over twenty years, Cotton Tale Designs has had the pleasure of helping mothers breathe life into their nurseries, helping them to create spaces that will freeze time and create treasured and irreplaceable memories.

We believe your nursery should be just that place. We believe that not only should your nursery be as functional as possible, but it should also work for you. Your nursery should envelop you within its comforting energy, protecting you and your baby, separating you from the outside world. When you gaze into your nursery and see your baby resting peacefully, you should feel that same peace with the way it looks.

When it comes time to transition the nursery to bedroom we have now simplified the process for you. Rather you have a convertible crib or not we offer the same great Cotton Tale quality and pricing on our Adult Bedding line, available in Twin, Full/Queen sizes. All coordinate with the Cotton Tale crib bedding to make it less expensive for you to transition your beautiful nursery into a gorgeous bed room since most accessories (valance, lamp, hamper...) can still be used. Cotton Tale Designs has had the pleasure of helping all mothers through the various stages of their babies life.  Offering quality designer products at a reasonable price, giving you peace of mind.