The History of Front Rail Cover-Ups January 24 2014, 0 Comments

Cotton Tale Designs’ “Front Rail Cover-Up” is perhaps one of the most innovative ideas to come from designer Nina Selby. A few years ago, the Front Rail Cover-Up was created in response to multiple trends in the baby bedding industry.

At the time, the popularity of the convertible crib was growing. Parents everywhere were opting for a crib that their children could use as toddlers and perhaps even in later years. But there was one small problem: The rail on the crib that would eventually be the foot rail on the convertible bed was being worn down by daily wear and tear, rings, watches, belt buckles, and teething children. When it came time to convert the crib, parents ended up with a foot rail that looked too worn down to be used.

The industry was also suffering from an aesthetic standpoint. With the concern about infant safety, parents and stores around the country were removing bumpers from their cribs. Unfortunately, without the bumpers, the cribs looked plain and boring, as the bumper had been a major element to the overall design and appeal of baby bedding sets.

Cotton Tale Designs’ Front Cover-Up set itself to the task of resolving both these issues. Not only did it serve to protect and preserve the front rails for when the time came to convert the crib, but it added an entirely new design element to the bedding set that was lost upon the removal of the bumper. Cotton Tale Designs’ Front Rail Cover-Ups are available as a stand-alone item, or as an addition to our popular 3 Piece Sets!

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