“The Finishing Touch” for Your Baby’s Nursery April 22 2014, 0 Comments

When does the process of decorating your nursery end? While it may seem as though the process will never end, at some point, your nursery will no longer be your canvas for creativity and imagination, but will be the place in which you compose unforgettable memories with your newborn baby who will look to your for warmth and comfort.


But this room, or this space, that we spend hours, days, weeks, and even months obsessing over every little detail, when can we take a step back and truly feel the relief of having finished the journey of creating the perfect space for your baby to spend their most precious moments?

You’ve found the crib with the perfect finish, selected a gorgeous crib bedding set to go along with it, and you’ve painted your walls a few times (or perhaps more than a few times…don’t be ashamed, many mothers do), and you’ve even found a few accessories that highlight just how much you’ve invested yourself in this stressful but wonderful process of making your baby boy or girl’s nursery...just…right.

Hottsie Dottsie 3pc crib bedding set

And then you notice that the nursery you’ve worked so hard on is missing…something. That last splash of color. Or that piece to fill up all the empty space on that side table that you just couldn’t go without. And the walls—they just look so lonely. What could possibly bring this nursery together, and give it the final touch it needs?

Cotton Tale Designs’ Nursery Décor Kits are meant to be that finishing touch for your nursery. Included in each décor kit is a musical mobile, a lamp and decorative shade, and a set of hand-painted canvas wall art, giving your nursery a more-pleasing end result than you had originally thought possible. They are perhaps the most efficient and definitely most affordable way to decorate your nursery.

Hottsie Dottsie decorative lamp Hottsie Dottsie wall art Hottsie Dottsie musical mobile

Furthermore, pieces like the lamp and shade and especially the wall art can be used both in and out of the nursery, and for many years beyond your baby’s infant years. This fact alone makes the Décor Kit a wonderful investment. Both playful and sophisticated, these Décor Kits can help any mother complete her vision of the nursery and bring it to life.

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