5 Nursery Decorating Tips for Creating a Timeless Nursery Design June 20 2014, 0 Comments

How does one create a timeless design for their baby’s nursery? Far too often do we see nurseries that are designed using only the latest trends, whether it is a certain color scheme, a particular pattern, or a popular theme—we feel that these nurseries are not as unique as they could be. In our many years of designing nurseries, we’ve seen it time and time again. What you end up getting is a nursery that is static, and quite frankly, one which may bore you after very little time.

Your nursery shouldn’t be that way. Your nursery should be an expression of your creativity and your own unique design tastes. Your nursery should be able to evolve as the years go on with a design that always remains fresh, while still remaining every bit as whimsical, colorful, and sophisticated as the day you first called it “finished.”

We wish we could tell you that creating a timeless design for your nursery were an exact science…but if it were, then you would end up with the same nursery that everyone else has for a space that’s meant to be special for you and your child. Instead, what we can tell you are the things that we have found, over the years, to be helpful in designing a nursery that is versatile and that can evolve as your child grows older and your own tastes evolve as well:

  1. Don’t go heavily into themes. If you’re going to do a theme, make it apparent with small, tasteful accents that don’t dominate the overall design.
  2. Use a unique color combination. Stay away from colors that are trending. You’ll get tired of looking at them. Use colors that truly speak to your tastes, not that speak to everyone else’s.
  3. Not EVERYTHING has to match. An eclectic design is one which isn’t constrained by any one color, pattern, or texture. Use items that are easy to interchange such as decorative pillows, lampshades, and window treatments.
  4. Speaking of patterns and textures, we’ve found that graphic, sophisticated textures can really give your overall design the direction it needs. Choose these carefully and opt for something that isn’t being used everywhere else.
  5. When the room needs to be updated for an older child, don’t be afraid to create pieces of your own. Get crafty and find fabrics that coordinate well to make new bedding or décor. There are tutorials everywhere to help!

As always, Cotton Tale Designs is available to help you with any of your design questions. Whether it be a paint suggestion, a wood finish recommendation, or helping you find the right pattern or texture, we’re here to help you in your journey to create the perfect space for your little one.

~Nina Selby, Designer and Founder of Cotton Tale Designs