Unique Nursery Decorating with Cotton Tale Designs Baby Bedding and Nursery Décor December 05 2014, 0 Comments


When it comes to designing a nursery, every mother wants to create a space for their baby that is unlike any other—a space that is truly special and unique. For over twenty years, Cotton Tale Designs has been helping mothers to design these perfect spaces, with our wide selection of baby bedding and matching nursery decor. Even so, every so often we are absolutely blown away by the creativity displayed and the effort put forth by mothers who view the task of designing the nursery as a true labor of love. 

One such mother was Beth G. from Ada, Oklahoma, designing a nursery for baby Lily Rose using the Peggy Sue baby bedding set and matching décor items. While the Peggy Sue collection is available to all mothers designing their nurseries, Beth truly made it her own and turned Lily’s nursery into a truly remarkable space! Anyone can tell just by looking that Beth paid great attention to detail and is incredibly imaginative. She took the floral, nature-inspired theme that is present in the Peggy Sue collection and reinvented it throughout her entire nursery.

The first thing we’d like to highlight about Beth’s nursery design is the fact that the room is fully painted with an color choice that still complements the bedding. Fully painting the walls of nursery goes a long way towards creating a warm, inviting, and cozy space. The nursery is the place to be away from the rest of the world, to emphasize the relationship between you and your baby, and we feel that this particular measure has helped to create that feeling.

Next, we wanted to compliment Beth on just how functional her nursery is, while still being fun! As you can see here, Beth used coordinating fabrics from Cotton Tale to create a custom-covered changing pad. This addition, along with the hand painted canvas wall art, makes this area very playful and attractive. She’s selected some great furniture here that will allow her some versatility for storage, making the space really work for her.

On the note of custom-made décor pieces, there is no shortage of those in Beth’s nursery, thanks to her creativity and the help of our coordinating fabrics. One such piece is the ADORABLE headband/hairbow holder, with ribbons that coordinates perfectly with the rest of the room! This can double as a bulletin board for placing photographs, cards, and other mementos underneath the ribbons to help you remember all the wonderful moments of this journey.

Lily’s nursery will have no shortage of lighting! On top of the decorative lamp with antique finish that is a part of the Peggy Sue collection, Beth had a custom-covered lampshade using our fabrics. Those few yards of fabric have gone a long way towards adding to the overall look and feel of her room. What’s best is that these pieces can still be used when Lily has grown out of the crib. We’re strong believers that the best nurseries can grow with your child, and this room is a wonderful example of how to do that effectively and with on an affordable budget.


Beth has gone to great lengths to decorate her nursery with elements that are truly unique for her and baby Lily. In addition to the hand-painted wall art from Cotton Tale, Beth had this canvas piece painted to match the Peggy Sue, with Lily’s name inscribed. The antique frame surrounding it is a wonderful touch to the pastoral feel of this nursery, along with the distressed drawer pictured beneath it.

Last, but certainly not least, is the painted word tree with vinyl lettering. Including the tree not only adds to the Peggy Sue motif, but drives the point that the nursery is a place for growth and inspiration. We have no doubt that Lily will be inspired to do wonderful things with these words of encouragement to motivate her every day she spends in her nursery.  

We would like to thank Beth for sharing this with us, and including Cotton Tale Designs in this very special time of her life! We are honored to be a part of Lily Rose’s nursery and hope that she truly enjoys this space that her mother has created for her. We would encourage all mothers to take a page out of Beth’s book and create a nursery that is one-of-a-kind with the help of Cotton Tale Designs!