The Best Baby Shower Gift is a Moses Basket from Cotton Tale Designs! September 25 2014, 0 Comments

The season for gifting is right around the corner. Undoubtedly, you’ll be giving your friends and family gifts for any number of special occasions, but there is no season for the all-important Baby Shower! Baby showers occur throughout the entire year, and you’ll want to give your expectant loved one the best baby shower gift they could hope for. You’ll want to give them something colorful, playful, and thoughtful—but most importantly, something that she can really use in this wonderful and exciting time of her life! It has always been Cotton Tale Designs’ mission to be able to provide mothers with products that were not only beautiful in their design, but functional as well—for this reason, Cotton Tale is introducing its newest addition to our line of baby bedding and nursery décor: Moses Baskets!


While each of our available baby Moses Baskets coordinates with one of our adorable crib bedding sets, you shouldn’t feel like you have to decorate your entire nursery around the design of the basket; they make for an attractive, useful gift regardless of bedding choices!

The best use for a Moses Basket is to provide a soft, comfortable, and safe place for baby to rest no matter what room they are in! The reality is that as much as we’d like to, we can’t take our baby’s crib with us everywhere we go, but there is no reason why your baby cannot be within arm’s reach anytime you are attending to any of task. Each of our Moses Baskets comes with an unbelievably soft receiving blanket and matching sheet, so you can be sure that your baby will be very comfortable in their lightweight, portable basket. Just remember to always place the basket on a flat surface before letting your newborn rest there to ensure their safety!

When the baby has outgrown the Moses Basket, it can still be used! All of our baskets can be a perfect decorative element in any nursery, capable of storing anything from clothes, toys, extra bedding, or other decorative items like stuffed animals or pillows! Each basket can be used well beyond the infancy stage and even incorporated into the design or function of a toddler’s room, or, simply passed on to the next baby that blesses your home. Each one of our Moses Baskets can end up being a treasured item used for each new member of your family, a memento that brings back fond memories of your children’s most precious years, and the most wonderful time of your life, as well. We are so excited to offer this colorful, whimsical, and practical item to mothers everywhere, and we hope you’ll love them as much as we do!


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