New Baby Bedding and Nursery Decor Products from Cotton Tale Designs July 18 2014, 0 Comments

For over twenty years, it has been the mission of Cotton Tale Designs to provide mothers with innovative products and extensive options when decorating their nurseries. We do not intend to stop this crusade any time soon! This being said, we thought we would take a moment to do one big update on all of our new baby crib bedding and nursery décor options!

First up, we’re excited to announce the addition of our new Closet Dividers! What better way to organize all of your baby’s clothes with style than one of these adorable closet divider sets that coordinate perfectly with Cotton Tale baby bedding collections? Dividers come in a set of 5, each labeled for a different time of your baby’s growth stages, from Newborn all the way up to 18 months. Additional dividers can be ordered if you’d like to continue organizing your little one’s clothes beyond that time. We currently have five designs: Lizzie, Gypsy, Tea Party, Sumba, and Hottsie Dottsie, but we are hard at work to make more designs available shortly! Dividers are an excellent baby shower gift!
Tea Party Closet Dividers Gypsy Closet Dividers

Next, we are now offering a selection of Baby Bassinets, which are a great way to give your baby’s nursery a traditional and luxurious feeling. Bassinets are a wonderful and safe place for your baby to sleep during their earliest stages, and are sure to be the centerpiece of the nursery. The elegance and lavishness of these beautiful bassinets will not go unnoticed in your baby’s room.
Sweet Rose Baby Bassinet 

For the mother who is looking for a completely coordinating nursery option, we are introducing our Nursery Ensembles! Available for 15 of our crib bedding collections, these sets include every available item featured in the pattern, and will allow you to fully decorate your baby’s nursery from floor to ceiling. Designing your nursery couldn’t be any easier. Valued at over $500, each Nursery Ensemble is available in a bumper-included and bumperless option, and shipping is always free!

On the other side of the spectrum, for the mother who is looking to decorate the nursery in a more subtle, yet still attractive fashion, we present the Nursery Essentials Bundle. Each set includes a quilt and two fitted crib sheets, giving you just the right amount of decorative touch to your simple yet welcoming nursery.

Last (but certainly not least)—and in case you didn’t already know—we’re selling coordinating Fabrics! We know that there are quite a few crafty mothers out there, who will use their talents to create decorative pieces for their nurseries all on their own. Our coordinating fabrics are wonderful for making window treatments, pillowcase, or even covering chairs! Select fabrics from each of our baby bedding sets are available in three-yard lengths.