Baby’s 1st Chair: A Unique Gift from Cotton Tale Designs February 27 2014, 0 Comments

Finding a unique baby shower gift is easier said than done these days, especially when there are registries full of practical items that you could purchase for any mommy-to-be. The perfect gift has to have the perfect balance between uniqueness and functionality. You want it to be so special that everyone wishes they thought of it when the mommy-to-be opens it, and also useful for years to come.

In August 2012, Nina Selby, founder and designer of Cotton Tale Designs, decided she wanted to create a gift that would do just those things.  She wanted to make something that could also be a unique and functional addition to her crib bedding collections.  Cotton Tale Designs’ “Baby’s 1st Chair” was just that gift!

The Baby’s 1 st  Chair comes in almost every pattern as a creative and whimsical addition to each Cotton Tale bedding collection. The small chair is perfect for any child who is able to sit up on their own.

Since being added to the Cotton Tale line, the “Baby’s 1 st  Chair” has become one of the company’s top selling items for gifts. This machine washable item is the perfect baby shower gift as it is unique, creative, useful and most importantly, memorable.

Choose one of these adorable chairs from any of Cotton Tale Designs’ crib bedding collections for an unforgettable surprise that any mother and her baby will always cherish!

To buy one of these adorable Baby's 1st Chairs for yourself or someone who deserves a wonderful gift from the heart, you can view our entire collection here!